Dr. Michael Patestas


Lincoln Public School Board District 7

I want to be your voice to promote strong values and advocate for children

My name is Dr. Michael Patestas, and I’m here to make a positive impact on the Lincoln Public School Board. I’ve been a Nebraska resident for nearly 15 years now. I believe that all children should have the ability to go back to school full-time, and to stay full time. Like other residents, I believe the children learn best in the classroom with their peers, mentors, and teachers. I am an advocate for the people, and would be a great fit for Lincoln’s School Board. I feel that our School Board needs refreshed as many board members do not have children in the LPS, in their own districts, or in the system at all. They do not see firsthand, what struggles students may be experiencing with the current curriculum, and events in LPS. As a proud father of 4 children, 2 of which are still in the Lincoln Public School system, I know the concerns of both students and parents. As a long-time resident, educated doctor, and parent of two LPS students, I want all children to succeed while taking full advantage of all the opportunities that LPS has to offer. I believe that the constituents in District 7 of Lincoln Public School Board should have a voice. A voice that is heard!